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Many historians describe Greece as the native land of wine. Ancient Greek writers and poets have noted the culture of vine and wine and its importance in the life of our ancestors.
The area of Drama has always been one of the most traditional grape-growing and winemaking regions in Greece, due to its unique soil and climate conditions. Many places near the city of Drama were reported to be places of adoration of the ancient Greek God of wine, Dionysus (many of these rituals have survived in various forms until today).

Christoforos Pavlidis, willing to explore the secrets of vine and wine, started in 1998 the plantation of his own vineyard near the village Kokkinogia, west of the city of Drama. Today, the vineyard stretches at about 18 ha and it is continuing to expand steadily. The owner’s aim is to provide the public with wines of personality and typicity and, at the same time, introduce the Greek native varieties to the international market.

The estate’s vineyard is a standard vertical shoot positioning, ideal for optimal sunlight exposure. In addition, the summer afternoon breeze helps the vines overcome midday stress, thus ensuring a steady and complete ripening.
The red clayish soils are perfectly suited to the native varieties Assyrtiko, Agiorgitiko, Limnio, as well as the foreign ones Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo. The Greek varieties Malagousia and Mavrodafni which will form the basis for some of the estate’s future products are also cultivated, though still in an experimental stage. Part of the vineyard is organically driven but, in every case, environmental protection is the center of our disease control strategies.

The winery, built on the northern part of the estate, is equipped with the newest and most sophisticated machinery in order to fully reveal the grapes’ potential. The technical excellence of the winery gives its place to the serenity of the cellar where the wines age, first in oak barrels and then in the bottles, until they are released in the market.
The estate is also encouraging and supporting tasting and gastronomy meetings and seminars, in the winery’s specially organized hall.

The estate is situated 17 km west of Drama, near the village Kokkinogia (or 15-20 min by car). While there, visitors can also visit Maara’s cave, at the village Aggitis that is located near the winery.
Visitors can choose either of the following two itineraries:
1.Thessaloniki – Aspovalta – Amfipoli – Drama
2.Thessaloniki – Serres – Alistrati – Drama, if they want to pass by the famous Alistrati Cave


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