Stelios Kechris Domaine

In 1911 Evangelos Kehris brought glass bottles from the USA in order to bottle wine.
Since 1939, party and good wine enthusiasts used to resort in the traditional tavern “Kokoras”, owned by the Kechri – Bros in old Thessaloniki. There, they enjoyed their retsina and sun-dried wines made by the family and brought from Karistos in Evia and Santorini, vinified in wooden barrels. In 1954, the modern winery-distillery was organized under the name “Kechri Bros.” In 1972, Kechri products crossed the Greek boarders.
In 1984 the company changed its name and went on producing wine and homemade liqueurs using traditional methods. As a result the Doriki liqueurs were created.
Today, the company is run by Stelios Kechris. Brought up in an old wine making family, holdover of a massive heritage, he studied in the Faculty of Biology of Thessaloniki and obtained his degree in Enology in Dijon, France in 1978. Enjoying full support by his partner Konstantina in this effort, the new generation of the Kechri family exploits its accumulated experience and technical knowledge. Lead by the love for good wine, it goes on producing a great variety of wines, worthy of its tradition.

Stelios Kehris’ wine factory cannot be visited, though it provides a specially arranged area for displaying wines, and offers the possibility of tasting wines and buying special packaging. The winery is near the wildlife sanctuary which is situated at the Delta of Axios and visits can be arranged, after previous contact with the wine-maker.


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