Domaine Anestis Babatzimopoulos - Ossa

A. BABATZIM & Co, a Raki and Wine producing company, was established in 1875, in Constantinople and owned a vineyard in Deliones, in Silivria.
In 1932 the company was relocated to Greece, where it expanded to the production of Ouzo, Brandy and Liquor, and since 1940 it has its headquarters in Thessaloniki.
In 1974 the first experimental vineyard was created, followed by the establishment of a winery and a distillery in Aghialos, Macedonia in 1980.
In 1988 the distillery was expanded to enable the production of Tsipouro and the Distills of Grapes.
Towards the end of the 20th century, the organically cultivated vineyard at the slopes of mountain Vertiskos, near Ossa, in the wider area of Lagada, is completed, reaching 62 acres. Inside it a new winery and distillery are established for the production of organic products from Anestis Babatzimopoulos Farm.

Anestis Babatzimopoulos’ winery is situated on the slopes of Vertiscos, in Ossa. The winery`s wines are produced from organically cultivated grapes, grown at the privately owned vineyard. A visit to the Anestis Babatzimopoulos’ vineyard and winery starts at the reception centre, where visitors get a map and other necessary information and are lead to a tour of the vineyards before heading to the winery. Vehicles are not permitted through the biggest part of the rural roads which have been constructed. The winery provides a parking place for visitors.
In the production areas of the winery, visitors can watch the way and stages of fermentation, the preparation and constancy of wine. The bottling section is an area where the wine which is ready and ripe is being bottled in order for it to be moved to the basement for the sake of the ageing process, as well as for it to be preserved or maintained. The visitor can have a very interesting tour in the wine-vault where he can get familiar with the various vintages of wine as the bottles have been laid slantwise. This underground area shelters objects, utensils and tools which have been used at work for 2 centuries. The display of these objects has been done in a way that makes the visitor realize the history of wine and the traditional method of wine-making. This area separates the bottled wine from that which goes through the ageing process in oak barrels. This wandering ends up in the special hall of knowledge and audio-visual presentation for 60 people. After the completion of this beautiful audio-visual presentation, the visitor is directed into the wine tasting hall in order for him to enjoy, on the one hand nature and the magnificent view and on the other hand the variety of high quality wines which to come from the vineyard.


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