VorOina, a unique wine journey! -

The established wine tasting event `VorOina` (VorOina = a tasting of wines from the vineyards of Northern Greece, Vor-Oina=ΒορΟινά, from Βορράς, Vorras=north, and Οινά=Oina from oinos=οίνος=wine) takes place at the Port of Thessaloniki (dock 1) is an excellent opportunity for professionals and the general public-wine lovers to get to have the opportunity to taste the current vintage releases of the Wines of North Greece.

Special stands

- Wine tasting with rose and sparkling wines.
- Oenotourism network `Wine Roads of Northern Greece`.
- Local traditional products.

Parallel events

- 18:00-20:00 Wine tasting competition for all visitors.
- 18:00-22:00 Looking for the lost treasure - game.
- Moustalevria tasting (a special sweet made by grape juice).
- Children will be cooking with grapes together with `Marmita`

Entrance fee:   5 euros per person (including the wine tasting glass).

Wine Roads
of Northern Greece

  • 90 Giannitson str, Τ.Κ. 54627 Thessaloniki
  • tel: +30.2310 281617 & +30.2310 281632
  • email: info@wineroads.gr